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Please note that at this moment you will not be requested to submit any credit card details. As soon as we receive your request, we will check the availability and make your reservation (please expect our reply within one working day). Your reservation will then need to be confirmed with a 35% deposit within 2 or 3 working days (we will send you all the detailed information by email).

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Hotels Accommodation in Athens

The Package that you are booking includes hotel accommodation in Athens. Depending on the cabin category that you have selected on the cruise, this will be either the Radisson Blu Park Hotel (Deluxe, 5-star hotel), or one of the following First Class 4-star hotels: the Athenaeum Palace Hotel, the Athenaeum Grand Hotel, the Airotel Alexandros Hotel, the Titania Hotel, the President Hotel, the Best Western Plus Embassy Hotel, the Ilisos Hotel, the Ilisia Hotel, or a similar hotel.
Please specify the dates of your preference in the message box below.
Also, if you wish to extend your hotel stay in Athens for some additional nights, or maybe to upgrade from First Class to Deluxe hotel, then please let us know.
You can find all the details about the hotels in the page hotel & tour add-ons.
If you are not certain about your travel dates yet, you can leave this box empty, and let us know your hotel preferences later by email.

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Additional Travel Requests (Tours, Car Rentals, etc.)

Atlantis Travel Agency not only offers special rates on all the cruises and hotels in Greece, but also has special rates for every kind of additional travel request.
If you would like to take a few tours during your stay in Athens, you can let us know also below (however there will be no problem at all to arrange for your tours later by email, or even when we meet in Athens).
You can find all the details about the tours in the page hotel & tour add-ons.
Also, feel free to specif
y below any additional travel request that you may have.

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